Motherhood Can Feel Lonely

Even in a house full of people.

Three women of different races smiling and embracing one another

But you’re not alone. We’re here and we can’t wait to support you!

Meeting You Where You’re At

Motherhood comes in seasons. Some seasons we are completely overwhelmed and just need to feel seen and heard. Other seasons we have energy, focus and motivation to learn and grow. No matter what season you’re in, we have a community of Mamas waiting to support you!

We see you…feeling overwhelmed, isolated, burnt-out, insecure, empty, exhausted, stressed and resentful…and it would be life-changing just to know you’re not the only one. That’s why I created the Happy Mama Wellness Community and HMWC Inner Circle on Facebook.

Choose the level that’s right for you…

The Happy Mama Wellness Community

This is a FREE community for Moms who really love their kids but are overwhelmed by trying to live up to society’s expectations of motherhood. It’s a soft place to land. A little corner of the internet where you are seen, heard and understood.

The HMWC Inner Circle

This is a smaller community on Facebook for past and current clients. It houses the Self-Paced Happy MAMA Method – the program that helps up you nurture the maiden, mother and mamapreneur within so you can parent with calm and connection, rekindle your identity outside of Mom and find moments of joy in each day. The cost is $27 and includes access to the course, weekly Q&A calls and discounts on HMW events. If you’re ready to make a change but aren’t yet ready to invest in 1:1 Mentorship, this is the perfect place to get started!

The HMWC Inner Circle Membership

The HMWC Inner Circle is a safe space for Mamapreneurs to come together to share their struggles and wins so we all walk away feeling lighter, empowered, inspired and supported. Membership includes:

Mama Huddles

Think about chatting with your friends about motherhood, business, relationships and more over a cup of coffee (or Chai). Now move that to a virtual platform and you have a Mama Huddle. It’s like a warm, virtual hug every week!

Wellness Journal

Video Lessons

Mentorship Calls

Co-Working Sessions

Co-Working Sessions

The HMWC Inner Circle is for you if…

  • You love your kids more than anything and you wouldn’t trade them for the world…but you feel overwhelmed and guilt-ridden building a business while raising your babies.
  • You’re craving a circle of women who just get it. Mamas who will laugh & cry with you. Reminders that you’re not alone.
  • You’re in a season of growth and ready to feel inspired, passionate, joyful, happy and proud but aren’t sure where to start.
  • You want to mother with calm and connection but aren’t sure how to tap into those things on a daily basis.

No drama. No judgement. Just Mamas coming together to say “I love you & support you”. This is the HMWC Inner Circle. Are you in?

Three women smiling and embracing one another while standing at a table with drinks