Ep. 11 – Embracing the Homesteading Spirit No Matter Where You Live

Redefining Motherhood
Redefining Motherhood
Ep. 11 - Embracing the Homesteading Spirit No Matter Where You Live

One of our family missions is to do whatever we can to help protect Mother Earth and spread awareness of simple changes people can make towards a better future for our kids. I guess you could call this the “homesteading spirit”.

Having a real understanding of where our food comes from. A connection to the land and the magic of planting a small seed and harvesting food a few months later is so powerful. Creating a connection to your food and the earth…no matter where you live…fosters a true spirit of gratitude.

From food to chores to connecting with your kids – this conversation with Victoria Young, a truly kindred spirit, is so inspiring and motivating…I can’t wait for you to meet her and connect with her message.

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Victoria Young is a pioneering Mama who is creating an off-grid lifestyle for her family. An accounting major, turned esthetician, turned farmer, she never thought of herself as the off-grid living, hay bale slinging type! She likes white clothes and nice makeup, but as it turns out, is also completely at home milking a cow in poop covered overalls. 

Her goal is to create a life that is simple and sustainable. Combining the wisdom of the past, with all the wonderful things about the present, she believes each one of us can make small changes that can ultimately change the world!

Connect with Victoria:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theyounghomestead/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEMOasId0OC9Dxp6e8yHVGw

Website: https://www.theyounghomestead.com 

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