Ep. 27 – Power Struggles Coaching Session

Redefining Motherhood
Redefining Motherhood
Ep. 27 - Power Struggles Coaching Session

Last week a founding member of the Happy Mama Wellness Community and amazing Mama reached out to me over a DM. She wrote:

"So this Mama needs some advice. My daughter is 2.5 (will be 3 in Auguust) and holy tantrums lately. It always seems to be over the littlest things like the wrong water cup, making her wash the soap off her hands or wiping after going to the bathroom. I've tried time-outs, gentle talking, preparing her like 'Ok Mommy is going to get water and you will get whatever cup I pick'. Sometimes it works but it's been a real power struggle. What can I do?"

I invited Katrina for a quick coaching session the next day and we decided to record our conversation so it could help all of you who are having similar challenges. The ideas and solutions we brainstormed were pretty awesome…you may want to take notes for this one!

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