Ep. 28 – Expanding Our Light to Brighten the Darkness with Gina Nicole

Redefining Motherhood
Redefining Motherhood
Ep. 28 - Expanding Our Light to Brighten the Darkness with Gina Nicole

"Comparison is the thief of joy." That was one of the things that stuck with me when our guest today, Gina Nicole, and I did our prep session a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure she could drop any better wisdom…but she did.

With one conversation, Gina took me to school and to church in less than 30 minutes…and I am so grateful for it. I can't wait to hear what your big takeaways are. Head on over to the Instagram DMs after this episode and let me know!

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Gina Nicole is an Intuitive and Feng Shui Practitioner devoted to offering her clients new insight and guiding them to their own answers within. She chose a bit of a difficult path in her early life, which helped her learn how to listen to her body, tune in to her truth, and take her power back to help her clients do the same. She uses her mind, home, body, and Spirit to connect with others to better understand their inner answers and motives.

Gina shared her video series called Forgiveness in 14 with our community! Between now and August 1, 2022, you can follow this link and use the coupon code HAPPYMAMA  to access it for FREE!
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