Ep. 3 – Put Your Mask On First (And No, We Don’t Mean the Cloth One)

Redefining Motherhood
Redefining Motherhood
Ep. 3 - Put Your Mask On First (And No, We Don't Mean the Cloth One)

The last couple years have been mentally stressful for kids and adults alike. We know that kids tend to "bounce back quickly", but that tends to make us feel like they are immune to mental health struggles…and that mindset could not be more wrong.

Our guest for Episode 3 is Jacquelyn Lazo. She is a Mental Health Advocate for kids and the author of the book "Comeback Kids: A Pocket Guide to Post-Pandemic Parenting". As a Parenting Coach, I have found this book to a true guide and manual for self-care, self-awareness and starting really difficult conversations with our kids.

If you're ready to take your head out of the sand (because many of us have been hiding there just to keep moving forward in survival mode) and become more self-aware so that your emotions and experiences are not silently driving the train, you have come to the right place.

Jacquelyn Lazo is a writer and Mental Health Advocate for kids. She discovered her passion for helping families develop meaningful relationships that improve the mental well-being of young children and adolescents while working with Save the Children and UNICEF, among other humanitarian organizations. She recently published "Comeback Kids: A Pocket Guide to Post-Pandemic Parenting", which she co-authored with child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Frank DePietro, MD, PhD. "Comeback Kids" shares relatable, practical tips and strategies to help parents cope while caring for their kids' social and emotional well-being. Connect with them on Facebook or Instagram to learn how to parent more effectively in a pandemic.

Website: https://www.comeback-kids.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comebackkidscommunity
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/comebackkidscommunity/
Get a Copy of "Comeback Kids": https://www.amazon.com/Comeback-Kids-Pocket-Post-Pandemic-Parenting-ebook/dp/B0982DNTPQ

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