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Redefining Motherhood

Helping Mamas break free from unrealistic expectations and redefine what motherhood looks like for them. From keynote presentations to hands-on workshops, Lynn will inspire, educate, entertain and empower your attendees.
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Most Requested Topics

The Myth of Supermom

Society has created a villain disguised as a hero...and her name is Supermom. Supermom can cook a meal with one hand and change a diaper with the other while running a meeting through her bluetooth ear buds. Supermom sets us up for failure.

But there is hope.

In this talk, Mamas will walk away with a few simple truths that empower them to redefine what it really looks like to be a super Mom and the permission to create the balanced, happy and connected motherhood experience of their dreams.

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Malcolm Gladwell found that it takes 10,000 hours of practice for you to master a skill. I spent over 24,000 hours practicing the art of building relationships, fostering cooperation and creating mutual respect & trust.

And I did it with animals.

Over the course of this talk, attendees will learn the five skills I mastered as a Marine Mammal trainer that helped me be a better Mama as well as real-life examples of how to incorporate those skills into their own parenting. They will leave feeling more confident and hopeful.

The Ripple Effect: Your Best Parenting Tool

The ripple effect is defined as a spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence; and it's the key to motherhood.

Think of your interactions with your child as a pebble dropping into the water. That interaction sends out little ripples that wash over your child and bring them into the same energetic space you are in.

In this talk, Mamas will take away an understanding of how to use the ripple effect to their advantage to create a calm, joyful loving energy and open communication within their family and their home.